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Now there’s a way to get relief from that new back or neck pain that just popped up and won’t seem to go away. SpineTODAY by Anne Arundel Medical Group makes treatment a more productive process with fast appointments, a network of back specialists, and a nurse navigator who coordinates patient care options including physical therapy, imaging and pain experts.

Designed and led by physicians, SpineTODAY makes getting the care you need easy.

Introducing a pain-free process.

Talk to your primary care physician about a referral or call 410-280-4708. Patients can often be seen the same day.

Efficient triage system gets results fast.

When you come in, nurse practitioners will assess your symptoms and determine if the condition can be treated immediately, or if it requires a more comprehensive treatment plan. A spine physician is available for consultation if needed.

Tailored treatments.

For more serious issues, a specially trained nurse navigator will coordinate a comprehen¬sive personalized care program through consultation with podiatry, physical therapy, imaging, bracing pain experts and spine surgery. And we’ll update your primary provider regularly with your progress.

Call 410-280-4708 for more information or click here.