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 AAMC Stroke Center

AAMC Stroke Center


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As a Capitol Hill lobbyist, Ray Torreon's speech was his trade. Then a stroke left him struggling for words. Find out about a special place that gave him hope for a brighter future. Read now.

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Neurologist Alex Katcheves, MD, stresses the importance of calling 9-1-1 if you or someone else is having a stroke. Watch now.

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Learn more about the AAMC Stroke Center

From prevention to survivorship, the AAMC Stroke Center does much more than treat community members who have a stroke.

Understanding Stroke

Take a quiz to understand your risks. Learn about the warning signs and why calling 911 is critical if someone is experiencing warning signs. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel leading the brain becomes blocked or ruptured. Without a fresh blood supply, brain cells begin to suffocate and die. Learn more.


From the time patients arrive at the hospital, our teams take action to treat “brain attacks.” From the ambulance to treatment, then hospitalization in our dedicated Stroke/Neuro Unit, patients receive the right care, right away. During the hospital stay, patients are involved in their rehabilitation. AAMC’s volunteers, many who are past patients, provide support and are part of the care team.

Support Programs

A stroke can often be a life-changing experience. With the guidance of patient and family advisors, AAMC has multiple options to help patients thrive after a stroke. The Stroke Support Group meets monthly. Open the fact sheet.

The Peer Mentorship Program, the Power of 2, matches recent stroke survivors with mentors who themselves are veterans of the stroke experience. The mentors complete special training. Through one-on-one time together, stroke survivors have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss challenges and concerns, and feel connected to people like them. Learn more.

Evidence-based Quality

JCAAMC has consistently achieved The Joint Commission certification for its stroke program. This demonstrates that AAMC follows national standards and guidelines to significantly improve outcomes for stroke patients. Display of The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval for their Advanced Certification for Primary Stroke Centers helps patients easily identify this facility as one of quality that has surpassed numerous goals in the treatment of stroke.


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