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For patients living with disorders and diseases of the eye, the experience of Anne Arundel Medical Center's ophthalmology/eye surgery team makes all the difference. We offer a remarkable roster of the most highly trained and respected ophthalmologists, backed by a seasoned operating room team of nurses and surgical technicians who are specially trained in the field of ophthalmology/eye surgery. The result is the highest quality surgical experience in the region.

Ophthalmology/Eye Surgery Treatments in Annapolis, Md.

Our ophthalmologists specialize in all types of eye surgery for the treatment of virtually every ophthalmological condition including:

Surgical treatments include cataract surgery, retinal laser treatments, radial keratotomy and other refractive surgery, corneal surgery, glaucoma surgery, and eye muscle and eyelid surgeries.

A Commitment to Advancing Eye Surgery & Health

At Anne Arundel Medical Center, our ophthalmology/eye surgery team is committed to advancing eye surgery and health not just at home, but globally. We are a member of the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group (PEDIG) - a nationwide multicenter group dedicated to the clinical research of strabismus, amblyopia and other eye disorders that affect children. Our eye surgery specialists also support the ophthalmological efforts of international medical humanitarian groups. It's that kind of compassion that takes our eye surgery care to a higher level.

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