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Vascular Surgery

Physicians from across the region refer their patients to the expert vascular surgery team at Anne Arundel Medical Center. Our nationally renowned vascular surgeons combine thought-leading advancements in vascular surgery that can't be found anywhere else with a compassionate approach to care that makes every patient feel like they're at home.

Vascular Surgery Treatments in Annapolis, Md.

Our vascular surgery team specializes in all types of vascular surgery - including minimally invasive endovascular therapies - to treat a broad range of vascular diseases including:

The Latest Minimally Invasive Vascular Surgery Advancements

At Anne Arundel Medical Center, we've ushered in newer and more advanced surgical techniques to make most vascular surgery procedures far less invasive than in the past. That means less pain, less scarring and faster recovery times for our patients than ever before.

Coordinated, Multi-disciplinary Vascular Surgery Care

The treatment of vascular disease can involve many systems of the body. Our vascular surgeons collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of specialists to provide the most comprehensive vascular care for every patient.

More Vascular Services and Support

In addition to renowned the vascular surgery care, Anne Arundel Medical Center offers patients a comprehensive list of vascular health and cardiology services, including preventive vascular screening programs, non-surgical vascular treatment options, cardiac catheterization, interventional medicine, emergency and elective angioplasty, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and interventional radiology.

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