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AAMC docsTALK- Better Together: Teaming Up With Your Doctor

Thursday, March 20, 6pm

Get the most from your medical appointments by working with your doctor to achieve your goals. Discover answers to important questions about the doctor patient relationship, and learn how to make wise choices about care that’s best for you and your family. Topics include:

  • When to seek urgent care or emergency care, and the difference between the two.
  • MyChart, the hospital’s password-protected email system where patients can access their test results and, in some cases, send email to participating doctors.
  • Unnecessary medical tests and treatments, including some that can cause harm.

Our guest experts are Erika Benns, MD, internal medicine, Barry Meisenberg, MD, medical director, DeCesaris Cancer Institute, and Mike Remoll, MD, emergency physician. Please join docsTALK co-hosts Briana Walton, MD, and John Martin, MD, to learn more about managing your medical care. Click here to register.