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About Energize


Welcome to Energize, the AAMC Together Wellness Movement.

Click here for a an overview you can download and print.

Here are some key messages for the Energize movement…

Why Energize? Who doesn’t want more energy and ways to charge their batteries through stress reduction, education, fitness and other opportunities?

Getting charged up for the daily routine means different things to different people. In our fast-paced world, which often drains us of energy, how we do individually and collectively feel better and get pumped up to do our best for our patients, families and each other?

What is Energize? It’s the wellness movement being developed by AAMC staff with the simple goal of improving employee health. Energize is part of our Vision 2020, Living Healthier Together, which starts with our health system (and our teams) becoming a role model for the community.

Who’s been involved? More than two dozen champions have given their advice and are starting to spread the word. From all parts of the organization, they also helped get input from their co-workers using a fairly detailed survey. They also helped collect more than 450 responses in our grass roots survey process, which shaped the walking, nutrition, stretch classes activities planned.

What’s happening next? Look out for new fitness and nutrition programs and classes rolling out this fall, nutrition demonstrations and healthier options in the cafeterias, and more.

Your feedback is welcome, so if you have wellness-related ideas, please send them to

It’s not always easy to charge your battery, but with Energize, we’re hoping you’ll select from the options best for you to live healthier—together!

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