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Flu Vaccine Campaign: Oct. 21-Nov. 15, 2013

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Flu Clinic Schedule

Click here for the Flu Vaccination Schedule for employees, physicians and volunteers.

Flu Vaccination Consent Forms

The form is used for receiving the flu shot. This form is also required for documentation of any eligible exemptions (listed on the form) if you are unable to get vaccinated.

Click here for the Employee Flu Vaccination Consent Form.

Click here for the Volunteer form.

Click here for the Medical Staff form.

Key Messages

Click here for key messages about the 2012-13 AAMC Flu Vaccination campaign.

AAMC Flu Vaccination Policy

Click here to read the AAMC Policy: IC5.1.02 – Seasonal influenza vaccination of healthcare workers.

Common Myths about the Flu Vaccine

Click here to download add/or print a flier on Common Myths about the Flu Vaccine.

CDC Facts about the Flu Vaccine

Click here for facts about the flu vaccine from the Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Click here for the Spanish version.

Other Locations Providing Flu Vaccines

Click here for a list of local stores and pharmacies that are currently offering the flu vaccine.