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Vision 2020: Living Healthier Together





Vision: Living healthier together.

Mission: To enhance the health of the people we serve.

Core Values: Five long-standing core values have guided AAMC through the past 10 years. To meet the challenges of the future, we’ve recognized two important values that will be critical to guiding us toward 2020.

Our enduring core values:






Our newest core values: 

Diversity: We benefit from our differences as we build toward a common vision. Diversity is our daily experience; a journey, not a destination. 

Collaboration: We strengthen partnerships with our community­—our medical staff, civic organizations, businesses, government agencies and educational institutions. 

Building to 2020: Vision 2010 was about expansion—building our Medical Park campus, adding programs and services, and preparing the infrastructure that would one day hold the services and technologies that our patients needed and expected of us. In the mid-1980s, we began to transform 100 acres of undeveloped land into the current beautiful medical park campus that has become an important focal point of the region. Over the next two decades, this steady growth positioned us to move toward V20. 

Vision 2020 Goals: V20 will create a new system of care. By 2020, AAMC will transform health care as we know it. The outcome—high-quality care at a lower cost. 

Individual care, focused on patients and their families. Care teams collaborate with and invite patients and families into the decision-making process, empowering patients to be more in control of their health. 

Affordable care, providing the right care at the right place at the right time: efficient, quality care and utilizing the latest technology to increase treatment accuracy and reduce cost. Care that focuses on connectivity, information sharing and accessiblity. 

Community care, dedicated to working outside the walls of our hospital to bring better community health, wellness and quality of life through partnering with caregivers, learning institutions and community groups. 

Major Initiatives: 

Patient- and family-centered care 

Clinical integration and information sharing 

Care coordination 

Evidence-based medicine 

Operational efficiency 

Employee health and wellness 

V20 in Action: 

Patient and Family Advisory Council 

Energize Employee Wellness Movement 

Community Health Center 

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Program