AAMC 2013 United Way Campaign



1) Click here for instructions on how to donate online.

2) Click here to donate online now.

3) Or, click here to download/print a donation pledge form. If you would like to designate your pledge to relief efforts in the Philippines, use designation book number 14751.


Watch a video featuring this year’s Wizard of Oz theme and look out for some people you may know!

AAMC Events Calendar

Click here for the 2013 AAMC United Way events calendar.

Basket Raffle

Click here to see who won the United Way Basket Raffles.

Wine, Beer & Cheese Tasting

Click here for details about the Wine, Beer & Cheese Tasting event on Friday, November 22.

Designate Your Donation to a Specific Cause

Click here for a list of partnerships in Anne Arundel County.

How the United Way Makes a Difference

Click here the FY 2012 Annual Report.

Learn about the Healthy Food Initiative here.