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Energize℠ Daily Plate

The Energize℠ Daily Plate is the daily recommendation for you from AAMC dietitians. They’ve chosen items from today’s Southport Eatery menu to create a full meal that satisfies the federal MyPlate nutrition guidelines at a discounted price-$5.

You’ll get a full meal, complete with a lean protein, a grain, vegetables, fruits and a selection of dairy, all under 500 calories. No substitutions. For more information on the Energize℠ Daily Plate, click here.

For more information on the federal MyPlate nutrition guidelines, click here.

Reduced Fruit Pricing

Employees can enjoy reduced pricing for apples, bananas and oranges from $0.75 each down to $0.45 each!

AAMC Eateries Survey

Food & Nutrition has made strides to increase access to healthy options in the AAMC cafeterias. Recent initiatives include: salad signs highlighting green, yellow and red labeling system, healthy-only options in Garden Café, unlimited veggies at no extra cost, charging less for healthier foods, more staff training and attention to portion size, adding locally sourced and freshly prepared foods, reducing protein portion by 1 ounce, launch of the Market Fresh Deli, and reduced size for pastries, bagels and muffins.

Click here to complete a survey and give us your feedback on the AAMC food eateries!