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Lock it Up: Keep Protected Health Information Safe

Healthcare professionals are expected to maintain the privacy and safety of our patients’ health records. If you’re confused about how to handle patient privacy, remember:

  • Don’t Share Your Passwords: This may not only compromise protected health information, but sharing passwords is a violation of AAHS policy. If you suspect your password has been compromised, contact the Help Desk immediately at x5202.
  • Make sure your mobile device is password protected: If your work email is synced to your mobile phone or you use other authorized applications that contain protected health information, enable your device’s password protection capabilities. Most devices allow you to enable this capability under the “Settings” feature, but your device’s manual for further assistance.
  • Do not misuse protected health information: You are only allowed to use or disclose information on a job-related, need-to-know basis or as a result of an active treatment relationship for members of the medical staff. Do not:
    • Access your own records or those of family members
    • Obtain admission records without the patient’s knowledge or permission
    • Looking at records outside the scope of your job.