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Information Regarding Fire Response in AAMC Clatanoff Pavilion

Final Update, 1:40am on July 24, 2012:
Patients continue to be moved back to their rooms in the Clatanoff. Air cleaning machines have been working for several hours. As noted earlier, we expect some residual smell of smoke. Most of the systems are returning to normal status. Thanks to everyone for the great teamwork.

Update, 12:30am on July 24, 2012:
Plans are underway to move patients back into the Clatanoff Pavilion over the next several hours. Environmental Services continues to clean rooms and make them ready for patients. There will be a residual smell of smoke in the building. We expect this to completely dissipate over the next day or so. The air quality has been tested and found to be safe.

During this incident, we have delivered babies and taken care of patients in their temporary locations. We again thank everyone for their support and understanding as we’ve been cleared by the Fire Department. The source of this smoke was determined to be an electrical device in the utility closet. It was removed.

Update, 11pm on July 23, 2012:
The Fire Department has given AAMC access to complete the cleaning process for the Clatanoff Pavilion. Environmental Services has been busy doing cleaning for the first floor since 9pm. They will begin the process on the second and third floor now. We will know more details about logistics soon.

Update, 9:05pm on July 23, 2012:

The fire department has given AAMC access to the basement and first floor of the Clatanoff Pavilion. We are awaiting word for clear of the third Floor. Environment Services will soon commence cleaning.

The Incident Command Center is located in the Emergency Department conference room. We are working on plans for pharmacy, food services and other logistics. We hope to return patients to the Clatanoff when all is cleared and cleaned.


Update, 8:45pm on July 23, 2012:

The fire department continues their efforts to give the green light for AAMC to return to the Clatanoff to clean the building. Environmental Services will commence their work to clean within the next hour. Upon cleaning and ensuring safety, patients will return to their rooms.

Labor and Delivery patients can come to the Emergency Department during this time.

Update, 7:40pm on July 23, 2012:

In addition to the second and third floor patients in the Clatanoff Pavilion, AAMC has evacuated approximately 10 patients from the Women’s Surgical Unit on the first floor of the Clatanoff Pavilion and relocated them to the main hospital building because of the smoke smell. All patients are safe and continue to safely receive care.

The fire department is diligently working on smoke removal and any other operational issues. We haven’t yet established a timeline for when the smoke removal work will be complete. AAMC will provide periodic updates as they become available.

Information Sent at 7:22pm on July 23, 2012:

At approximately 6pm, smoke was reported to be coming from the third floor of Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC)’s Clatanoff Pavilion on the Mother/Baby Unit.

Fifteen patients—moms with their babies—receiving care on the third floor were safely evacuated to the neighboring Wayson Pavilion initially and then were relocated to alternative locations throughout the hospital to continue safely receiving care. On the second floor of the Clatanoff Pavilion, all laboring moms were transferred to another area of the hospital where they are being cared for safely.

Any laboring moms may come to the main hospital. AAMC is able to care for all laboring moms and any other patients who come to the hospital for care.

The fire department determined the source of the smoke was an electrical fire in a utility closet on the third floor of the Clatanoff Pavilion. It was contained within minutes after the smoke was reported. The fire department is working to remove smoke from the building. The situation is under control and we are fully cooperating with the fire department.

AAMC will provide periodic updates as they become available.