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AAMC Employee Home Page: October 30, 2012

Thank You!

A Note of Thanks from President and CEO Tori Bayless

The last couple of days have been eventful to say the least. In the wake of a pretty powerful storm, I’m happy to say we’ve pulled through (almost) unscathed. While some of us are a little tired and there are still some leaks – literally and figuratively – being addressed, overall I think it’s fair to say through excellent teamwork, careful preparation and swift action, as an organization we have successfully weathered the storm.

My sincere thanks to those of you who came to work over the last two days ready and willing to do the very important job of caring for patients and each other. In challenging weather events such as Sandy, I know you have many competing priorities and that it’s not easy to focus on work when you are concerned about your own loved ones and property.

We know that many in our community are now feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath. All of us will be touched by friends and family who have suffered injury, loss of life or damaged property. As noted in hurricane email update #10, we are offering emergency CLB sellback, and knowing that storms such as this one are very stressful, support and advisory services are available to all staff through our Employee Assistance Program (1.877.252.8550) as well as our COPE service (through the hospital operator). Please don’t hesitate to avail yourself of these services. Remember, if we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we care for others?

Our community is fortunate to have you to depend on for care, and for that I’m extremely grateful and proud.

Thanks again, Tori

Go for the Gold! Donate to the United Way

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Protect Yourself, Protect Your Patients

The second round of winners of the Protect This Hospital t-shirt raffle are:

  1. Darrell Williams
  2. Bryan Greenlee
  3. Maureen Morton
  4. Monika Cope
  5. Wilfredo Bueno Jr.
  6. Patrick Boyce
  7. Kathleen Martin
  8. Deonta Mclaughlin
  9. Pauline Blades
  10. Daniel Smith

Winners can pick up their t-shirts in the Employee Health Office, Wayson Pavilion, Suite 350. Congratulations!

Employees: Get your annual seasonal flu vaccine
by Wednesday, Nov. 21. This year, AAMC is offering the flu vaccine to all employees, volunteers and community members. Click here for more information and resources

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