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2014 Patient Safety Limerick Contest

First Place–Katherine Fowler, IS
The surgeon looked all about
When the staff started to shout
Oh? What should it be?
My god it’s the knee!
And that’s why we do a time out!


Second Place–Maureen Chung, RN, NICU
In NICU, we strive to take care
To make sure we’re fully aware
When babies are found
With their heart rates way down
Emergency equipment’s right there.

For babes that don’t breathe then turn blue
We provide stim and oxygen, too
Intubation kit’s in the drawer
For those that need more
Bedside suction, small mask and ambu.

We check monitor alarms that they ring
For each apnea and bradycardia thing
My spectralink phone
Won’t leave me alone
When my baby’s desaturating.

We match bands with the parents each day
Keep babies in sight through their stay
HUGS tags to make sure
Each baby’s secure
A code pink would just ruin my day.

So at the end of the shift when we’re done
Patient safety is still our Job One
If right from the start
We all do our part
Our service will be second to none.

Third Place–Mark Radowich, MD, Annapolis Radiology Associates
If you’re unsteady, please call the nurse.
Taking a fall always makes you worse.
Subdural hematoma
can lead to a coma
or may lead to a trip in the hearse!