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The Most Advanced Vascular Surgery & Non-Surgery Treatment Options

Thanks in part to the groundbreaking efforts of physicians at the Anne Arundel Medical Center's Vascular Institute, newer and more advanced techniques have made many vascular surgery procedures far less invasive than in the past.

Lower Extremity Endarterectomy for PVD
It used to be that treating a buildup of plaque in the artery of the leg involved bypassing the artery-a major vascular surgery procedure that required a long incision, a 10-day hospital stay, and months of recovery. Our lower extremity endarterectomy procedure, pioneered by Vascular Institute director John Martin, M.D., reduces the entire procedure to a two-inch incision, an overnight stay, and a weeklong recovery. Learn more.

Non-Surgical Endovascular Therapy
The Vascular Instititute is known internationally for these minimally invasive procedures designed to open blockages and improve blood flow to the head, neck, legs, kidneys and other organs without the need for vascular surgery.

Other Vascular Surgery and Non-Surgery Treatments
Each year, the Vascular Institute performs more than 1,500 vascular surgery and non-surgery procedures, from aneurysm repairs to varicose vein treatments:

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