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  Volunteer Opportunities

Patient Care

Volunteers in clinical units assist professional staff with everyday duties, such as filling ice pitchers, delivering meal trays, taking patients for x-ray and other tests. Volunteers in the Joint Replacement unit may have some additional responsibilities, including assisting the clinical staff with group therapy and luncheons.

Volunteers also assist staff in the Emergency Department by re-stocking stretchers, transporting patients to testing and to their rooms, assisting nursing staff with stretcher patients and obtaining supplies as requested.

There are also volunteer opportunities in several of our outpatient units. Volunteers may work in the surgical recovery rooms, the Oncology Department, the AAMC Breast Center and outpatient physical therapy. They may also assist staff and patients on the Mother/Baby unit.

Auxilians may also visit newly admitted patients each day as well as patients who have been in the hospital three or more days. They also help deliver mail, flowers and fruit baskets to patients and maintain a library cart stocked with donated books and magazines, which is taken around to patients daily.

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