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Our plan for success

All of us here at the Weight Loss and Metabolic Surgery Program know that obesity means more than just carrying around excess weight. We know it keeps you from participating because you’re too tired, or holds you back because your joints hurt or makes it difficult to catch your breath. Being overweight may also lead to many life-threatening health problems, known as co-morbidities.

This is your second chance at life

Too often, despite years of diets and exercise programs, we find the extra pounds and associated illnesses continue to affect our lives. Weight-loss surgery may be the answer for you. Bariatric surgery is about regaining your independence and improving your quality of life.

Bariatric surgery can improve and resolve many weight-related health conditions including:

After weight-loss surgery, patients also show:

Our commitment

Developing a relationship with our bariatric team before surgery and continuing the partnership with regular follow-up visits is the key to successful and safe weight loss. Your relationship with us should be a lifelong commitment and we are here to support you.

Start your journey

Attend one of our free, no-obligation weight loss seminars to meet our team and learn about the procedures we offer. Our bariatric surgeons explain each procedure, what you’ll need to do before and after surgery, and answer any questions you may have.

We know you have choices when it comes to your wellbeing and we look forward to helping you achieve your health goals.


Weight Loss and Metabolic Surgery Team

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