Weight Loss and Metabolic Surgery Program
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For one to two months prior to your surgery and for one year after surgery, you will need to follow eating guidelines similar to the ones outlined below. Starting this new eating style prior to your surgery will allow you to be accustomed to it and allow for an easier transition after surgery. This will also cause your liver to shrink, which will allow for a smaller incision and faster healing times.

Your daily diet will probably consist of:

  Dietary Discharge Instructions (PDF- 164k)


If you have diabetes, your eating pattern may be slightly different from the guidelines above. If you're diabetic, make sure that:

After Surgery

After your surgery, you will be on a liquid diet, and will need to ease yourself back on to solid foods. For the first six months after surgery, lap-band patients will be assessed at six week intervals to see if adjustments to the band are necessary. All patients will need to start taking vitamins on a regular schedule after surgery, which will continue for the remainder of their lives.

  Surgery Discharge Instructions (PDF- 164k)

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