Blood Donor Center
  • Blood Donor Center

    Your donation of whole blood or platelets can save up to three lives and will directly support Anne Arundel Medical Center’s blood supply. Each year, 3,000 people benefit from our blood supply to heal and recover from conditions such as:

    • Anemia.
    • Bone and joint abnormalities.
    • Diagnosis associated with cancer, heart disease or gastrointestinal disease.
    • Fractures and trauma.
    • Lung, liver or kidney diseases.
    • Pregnancy.

    The process is simple, safe and requires less than an hour of your time. With each donation, you receive a mini-physical as an added benefit. We will take your blood pressure and temperature. We will also check your blood for your blood type, blood iron levels, cholesterol levels and even the presence of diseases like hepatitis, HIV, syphilis, chagas or West Nile.

    By giving blood, you’re helping your community. Our Blood Donor Center has been the “lifeblood” of the greater Annapolis and surrounding areas for more than 30 years.

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  • The Blood Donor Center also collects autologous donations. This type of donation allows you to store a supply of your own blood to prepare for an upcoming surgery.

    If you’re interested in donating blood, you must:

    • Be between the ages of 17 and 75; 16 with parental consent.
    • Be in good health.
    • Be at least 110 pounds.

    You may give blood while taking most medications. Find us at the Wayson Pavilion, suite 450. You can call the AAMC Blood Donor Center at 443-481-4215.

    Note: All donor requirements are in place to ensure the safety of those who receive our life-giving blood supply.