• CCN Leadership

    To understand what our providers need to best serve their patients, we need their input. That’s why local doctors and medical providers lead, govern and operate the CCN.

  • Brian Baker, MD - Chair
    Victoria Bayless, AAHS CEO
    Will Maxted, MD
    Mike Remoll, MD
    Jim Rice, MD
    George Samaras, MD
    Alex Shushan, MD

    Mike Remoll, MD - Chair

    Nicole Camp-Alerte, MD
    Vinnie DeCicco, MD
    Curtis Foy, MD
    Lori Franks, MD
    Parabh Gill, MD
    Michael Kent, MD
    Barbara Onumah, MD - Associate Chair
    Chip Parmele, MD

    Supported by:
    Veronica Kerner, Pharm D
    Dave Lehr

    Jim Rice, MD - Chair

    Jim Boulier, MD
    Scott Eden, MD
    Terry Everhart, MD
    Fred Guckes, MD
    Steve Hamilton, MD
    Mara Holton, MD
    Steve Proshan, MD
    David Todd, MD
    Marc Weber, MD

    Supported by:
    Cathy Yurkon

    George Samaras, MD - Chair

    Hung Davis, MD
    Cynthia Huffaker, MD
    David Jenks, MD
    Annie Johnson, MD
    Steve Killian, MD
    Eileen MacDonald, MD
    Mike Pardo, MD
    Vincent Sayan, MD
    Maria Scott, MD
    Tim Woods, MD

    Supported by: