• Cancer Care Nutrition Services

    Good nutrition is important to your health all the time, but especially when you have cancer. Eating well will help you better recover from surgery and manage symptoms from chemotherapy and radiation. It also helps keep your immune system strong, which is important for cancer treatment.

    Our licensed dietitians can work with you to:

    • Help you better understand your dietary requirements during treatment.
    • Suggest alternative food choices and supplements if you can’t eat the same way you could before your cancer diagnosis.

    Nutrition Screening Tool

    If you’re having radiation, chemotherapy or other cancer treatment, you may be at high risk for compromised nutrition. At the start of your cancer care, our team uses a nutrition screening tool to assess your risk for impaired nutrition.

    You can download and review this Nutrition Assessment Form before your consultation.

    Schedule a Nutrition Consultation

    Your cancer care team may refer you for a consultation at any point in your cancer treatment. Or, you may call us at 443-481-5800.