• Peer Mentorship Program

    Our Peer Mentorship program matches recent stroke, heart disease and cancer survivors with mentors who have been through similar experiences. All mentors complete special training to work with our patients. Through one-on-one time together, survivors have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss concerns, celebrate good news and connect with people who have shared a similar experience.

    Why a peer mentoring program?

    Peer mentors can help bridge the gap between treatment and life after treatment by offering guidance and insight that goes beyond what’s covered during doctor’s appointments.

    What do peer mentors do?

    Peer mentors play many different roles. They meet one-on-one with fellow survivors and support them through challenges and emotions. Peer mentors may:

    • Be a role model
    • Share information
    • Be a friendly listener
    • Aid in problem solving
    • Relieve anxiety
    • Validate feelings
    • Provide encouragement, hope and understanding

    How can you get a peer mentor?

    Talk to your rehabilitation therapists. They can guide you to the program coordinators.