• Protocol for Members of the Press Working with AAMC

    AAMC’s Department of Public Relations/Marketing is available to assist members of the media in answering questions about AAMC and our range of healthcare services. We provide assistance in locating expert medical spokespeople, as well as provide additional details in regard to a news release or AAMC event. Journalists should always work with our team first to coordinate interviews.

    To effectively facilitate the requests of media reporting on news and events at AAMC, the Public Relations/Marketing team has established the following guidelines for reporters requesting information or interviews:

    • Advance notice of on-site interviews is requested so Public Relations/Marketing staff can arrange interviews with experts, and/or obtain appropriate patient permission, if necessary.
    • Members of the media interested in conducting interviews, filming, or taking photographs of staff, patients, or patients’ families must contact Public Relations/Marketing first. Any member of the media visiting must be escorted by a member of our Public Relations/Marketing team while on campus. During normal business hours, call 443-481-4700. If you need help after normal business hours, please call the communications team member on call at 443-481-4500.
    • When on the AAMC campus, media crews must park in spaces specifically designated for parking unless otherwise authorized by Public Relations/Marketing. Please do not block patient access entrances to AAMC, or the Emergency Department entrance. Media crews are prohibited from parking in emergency vehicle parking areas.
    • Information about the condition and location of an inpatient, outpatient or emergency department patient may be released only if the inquiry specifically contains the patient's name and if the patient has not opted out of the hospital directory. No information is to be given if a request does not include a specific patient's name.
    • No patient information other than a one-word condition description (good, fair, serious, critical, or indication that the patient is deceased or has been discharged) is made available to the media. No information will be released on patients who are not identified by name by the media.
    • Patients who agree to be interviewed or filmed must provide prior written consent to the Public Relations/Marketing team.