Breast Oncology Fellowship Program

Loraine Tafra HeadshotThe Breast Oncology Fellowship program at Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) gives you the expertise and opportunities you need to advance your career in the specialized field of breast surgery.

Our breast specialists perform more than 7,000 clinical encounters and care for more than 600 patients with breast cancer. As a fellow in this program, you will have the opportunity to perform approximately 400 to 600 surgical procedures including skin-sparing mastectomies, ultrasound- and image-guided biopsies, image-guided partial mastectomies, and reconstructive surgery assists. In clinic, you will be able to care for a broad range of patients faced with breast conditions both benign and malignant.

In the Breast Oncology Fellowship program, our approach to teaching is no different than our approach to patient care: kind and supportive. We train our fellows to be leaders in breast surgical care, advocate for patients and work at the forefront of breast disease research.


As a fellow in our Breast Oncology Fellowship program you will have the ability to:

  • Provide superb and compassionate clinical care
  • Foster a lifelong commitment to innovation and breast disease research
  • Direct and understand the many facets and multidisciplinary aspects of a Breast Center
  • Provide leadership for colleagues, Breast Center teams, government agencies, and insurance companies to improve breast disease care
  • Advocate for your patients
  • Articulate research, clinical and patient information in a collaborative and carefully planned manner


Lorraine Tafra, MD

Lorraine Tafra, MD  
Program Director 

Director, The Breast Center

Robert Buras, MD

Robert Buras, MD  

Breast Surgeon

Rubie Sue Jackson, MD

Rubie Sue Jackson, MD  
Breast Surgeon

Meghan Milburn, MD

Meghan Milburn, MD  
Breast Surgeon

Under the Breast Oncology Fellowship program curriculum, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in all aspects of clinical care of patients at participating centers under the supervision of faculty
  • Attend and present at weekly breast tumor boards
  • Adopt two to three research projects
  • Submit at least two abstracts, two manuscripts and a review paper on a chosen topic
  • Participate in grant submissions, Institutional Review Board protocols and the generation of consents and protocols
  • Prepare and present talks on breast disease at Anne Arundel Medical Center breast surgery courses and community outreach programs

Your sub-specialty rotations can include:

  • Risk assessment and prevention
  • Pathology
  • Psychosocial/counseling
  • Radiation oncology
  • Medical oncology
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Breast imaging
  • Clinical trials
  • Lymphedema clinic

You will spend the majority of your Fellowship training onsite at AAMC and in our outpatient clinic.  

At AAMC, you will have the opportunity to present on specific topics surrounding breast disease at our various breast surgery courses and community outreach programs. In addition, you will attend annual meetings hosted by the School of Breast Surgical Oncology® and the American Society of Breast Surgeons, as well as present at weekly breast tumor boards and all surgical conferences, including Morbidity and Mortality, Quality and Grand Rounds. Ultrasound and stereotactic core biopsy course participation also is required.

Annual meetings fellows have attended:

Applications for the Breast Oncology Fellowship must be submitted through the Society for Surgical Oncology. To apply, applicants must log onto the Society for Surgical Oncology website.