Patients & Family

We know having a good relationship with your doctor is important. The CCN brings together a team of professionals who work directly with you and your doctor so you get personalized support and guidance to live a healthy life. We work to make your experience better by helping physicians deliver the highest-quality care at the lowest cost to you.


Choosing the Right Specialist

Luminis Health’s Collaborative Care Network can help you find specialists who are dedicated to working with your primary care doctor to ensure you receive high-quality, coordinated care. Your primary care provider can help you choose specialists who use efficient, evidence-based practices that can enhance health outcomes.


Helpful Resources

The Collaborative Care Network gives you access to new services designed to enhance your experience. These services are available at no additional cost if your health care provider is affiliated with the CCN. Your primary care doctor works with you to choose which services are best for you and helps connect you with the resources you need to lead a healthy life.


Preventative Care Services

One of the best things you can do for your health is take advantage of the preventative care services we offer at no additional cost. Ask your doctor what services can help you stay well and avoid health issues later in life.


Community-Based Care Resources

Our team of professionals can give you prompt service and support designed to help you lead a healthy life. If you have questions about a diagnosis or medication, or need advice on how to manage your health, please contact your primary care provider. Participating providers can help connect you with the right resources to ensure you get the care and attention you need. Our goal is to get you answers in just one phone call.

For questions on whether or not you’re eligible for the CCN’s coordinated care services, contact your doctor.