• Healthy Minds

    Confidence. Focus. Adventure. Support.

    These are just a few key qualities kids need in order to develop the mental strength required to become strong, responsible adults.

    We're exploring the "how" with you. Our articles, online discussions and tools are designed to help you foster open communication with your child, learn to navigate some tricky topics, and reflect on how you too handle difficult situations, show resiliency and communicate.

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  • Blog-More Than Meds

    More Than Meds

    When you know something is off with your child’s mental health, you just know. But often taking the steps to get them help can be a challenge. 

    Blog-Is It Puberty

    Is It Puberty?

    Being a parent means carrying a world of responsibilities. We have to watch out for all sorts of external triggers – think peer pressure, social media and school shootings – to help our children navigate through this world as best as possible.

    Blog-Put Down The Tech


    "Bzzz. Bzzz.” Is it a text message? Another email? Perhaps someone just posted a new photo on Facebook? Whatever it might be, you know what you’re about to do.

    Blog-Conversation Starters


    When your child says their first word, it’s an exciting step into constant chatter, a lot (A LOT) of questions, and some pretty funny ‘kids say the darndest things’ moments.