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  • Coping With Stress & Anxiety

    Talk to your child about coping with stress and anxiety.With school back in session, your child’s stress and anxiety may be increasing due to homework, exams and after school activities. Add to that the constant stimulation of electronics, which creates social pressure and in some cases, cyberbullying. 

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    More Than Meds

    Blog-More Than MedsWhen you know something is off with your child’s mental health, you just know. But often taking the steps to get them help can be a challenge. Once you have talked with your child, spoken with your insurance, made all the appropriate calls and appointments, and have gotten in front of a medical professional, it can feel like you will finally find the solution.

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    Is it Puberty?

    Blog-Is it Puberty?As a parent of four, I understand how stressful it can be to carry that title. Being a parent means carrying a world of responsibilities. We have to watch out for all sorts of external triggers – think peer pressure, social media and school shootings – to help our children navigate through this world as best as possible. And we’re also needed to help them through their various developmental stages.

    Is It Puberty or Something Else?

    Put Down The Tech

    Blog-Put Down The Tech"Bzzz. Bzzz.” Is it a text message? Another email? Perhaps someone just posted a new photo on Facebook? Whatever it might be, you know what you’re about to do. Without consciously thinking about it, you’re going to reach for your phone and check what it is – even if you’re at the dinner table with your family or at a work meeting. Let’s admit it, we are all guilty of doing this!

    Tips On Shutting Out Stimuli

    Conversation Starters

    Blog-Conversation StartersWhen your child says their first word, it’s an exciting step into constant chatter, a lot (A LOT) of questions, and some pretty funny ‘kids say the darndest things’ moments.But what happens when your child stops talking, stops opening up and shies away from sharing their day with you?

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    The Benefits of Play

    Blog-The Benefits of PlayRemember when you used to play on the playground as a child? Going to the playground didn’t only mean you were going to play, it meant you were going to laugh, run around, scream, fall, probably cry a little bit, just to get back up and keep laughing and running without a care in the world.

    Read About The Benefits Of Play

    Healthy Minds Need

    Blog-Healthy Minds NeedConfidence. Balance. Adventure. Focus. Support. These are just a few qualities kids need in order to develop the mental strength required to become strong, responsible adults.

    Mental strength isn’t about being strong-willed, defiant or tough. It’s about teaching kids how to cope with what life sends their way and giving them the courage and confidence to reach to their full potential.

    Learn What Healthy Minds Need

    The 5 Emotions You Should Talk About With Your Child

    Blog-5 Emotions to talk about with your childAs a mom, I am always thinking of the many things I have learned from my experiences. As a psychiatric nurse, I am thinking of how to promote the mental health of our children and help them grow into compassionate, social and competent adults.

    One thing I have come to understand as an adult is how powerful and essential it is to give our children words to use to identify feelings. 

    Tips To Talk With Your Child

    Understanding How Your Child Experiences Social Pressure

    Blog-Social Pressures in ChildrenI sent the group chat a message literally 10 minutes ago. Why aren’t they responding, are they mad? I can see they read it. Did I do something wrong? Maybe I annoyed them. Are they busy? No, they’re mad. Do they think I’m pushy? I shouldn’t have sent it. But I’m just trying to make plans with them, why would that be wrong? Maybe I’m not funny enough? Is it because I don’t have that many friends?

    Understand More On Social Pressures

    Is Your Child Ready For A Smartphone?

    Blog-Children and SmartphonesChildren are extremely savvy when it comes to using electronic devices. Starting at a young age, they learn how to maneuver electronics better than some adults. In fact, some children know how to turn on their favorite YouTube channel before they learn how to properly speak. In today’s society, children are exposed to technology through tablets and computerized learning toys from infancy. 

    Is Your Child Smartphone Ready?

    Tips For Managing ADHD In Children

    Blog-Managing ADHDChildren with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often have a difficult time in school. If your child with ADHD is having trouble at school, Jennifer Walton, MA, LPC, LCPC, a mental health professional at Anne Arundel Medical Group (AAMG) Mental Health Specialists, offers some important tips.

    More ADHD Coping Skills

    Talk With Your Kids About Violence

    Blog-Talk with your kids about violenceLately, it seems like everything that comes on the news is plagued with disaster and acts of violence. And on June 28, the violence hit our backyard when a  gunman entered the Capital Gazette newsroom with a shotgun,  killing five people and injuring two.

    Tips For Talking About Violence

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