• Wound Center

    If you live with chronic, non-healing wounds , even a simple blister can be a problem. With most wounds, healing is brief, simple and predictable. But if you’re one of the 26 million Americans with diabetes who are at the greatest risk for chronic wounds, have poor blood circulation or have been immobile for long periods of time — you need specialized care.

    The Wound Center at Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) can help.

    Our team of specialists will design a personal treatment plan for you that works to cure your chronic wounds before they progress to more serious stages.

    Our Approach

    In our wound management program, your care includes:

    • Complete evaluation.
    • Compression therapy (using specially designed socks or stockings to support your veins and increase circulation).
    • Debridement (removal of damaged tissue).
    • Help understanding your condition and treatment options.
    • Infection control.
    • Non-invasive vascular studies (tests to measure your blood flow).
    • Procedures to prevent the recurrence of wounds.
    • Revascularization (restoring blood flow to an organ).
    • Skin-grafting (tissue/skin transplant).
    • State-of-the-art wound healing technology.

    The Wound Center is located on the first floor of AAMC’s Clatanoff Pavilion.